Delivery Models


Onsite Delivery Model.

Spang Technologies provides onsite development services to clients by deputing resources at clients' location due to varying nature of projects. We do Onsite Delivery for complete projects or if required and partial projects, by sending our consultants to client's location to develop, release and maintain the product or application. We use an Onsite Delivery Model where work is performed at the client premises by our consultants. Our consultants report to an onsite project manager and also report back to our offices on a regular basis throughout the assignment. Few of the services that are provided by our onsite consultants are: project requirements capture and technology assessment, creating functional specifications, design, coding, testing, maintenance and support.

We augment qualified professionals fulfilling the criteria to work onsite for our clients when the project requires highly skilled resources, good grasp over clients' business domain, restricted exposure to move out data due to secret proprietary information or non-availability of resources.

Offshore Delivery Model.

Spang Technologies believes in the true offshore model providing our clients with real economics of offshore development along with providing the highest level of quality.

Pure offshore development makes appropriate delivery model when the projects are well defined under the scope document with clear project goals and deliverables. We work on the project independently and efficiently and take complete responsibility to manage the project from the beginning to the end hence taking away the pain of hiring resources and other long-term risks. We also do post-development support at times.

Why Spang Technologies for Offshore Delivery?

Cost Effective: We provide our clients with cost effective solutions which reflect in drastic reduction in their overall costs.

Great Results: We provide high quality work to our clients from the best of our resources yielding great results.

Zero extra cash needed: Client doesn't have to worry about the infrastructure needed to complete their task as we do everything from our side.

Access to the Most Optimal Resources:We use the best possible technology, highly skilled manpower and most modern equipment depending on the requirement of the project.

Round the clock productivity:We do not let the time-zone difference factor affect the development or delivery of the project.

Hybrid Delivery Model.

Spang Technologies offers Hybrid Delivery Model to clients that combine onsite and offshore delivery for superior results at highly reduced costs. In this model, only the mandatory team remains onsite at the client's office working on the discovery and planning stages of a project, and majority of the team remains offshore where the subsequent development and support phases are carried out at one of Spang Technologies' development center.

The reason why Spang Technologies believes in the hybrid model is because it maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs. The hybrid model has a faster development and implementation approach and is receptive to dynamic changes. It makes system highly scalable and helps derive great operational benefits.


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    Over 2 years
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    20 specialists
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